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Okotoks History

The town’s name is derived from “ohkotok”, the Blackfoot First Nation word for “rock”. The name may refer to Big Rock, the world’s largest known glacial erratic, situated about 7 km (4.3 mi) west of the town. Before European settlement, journeying First Nations used the rock as a marker to find the river crossing situated at Okotoks. The tribes were nomadic and often followed large buffalo herds for their sustenance.
David Thompson explored the area as early as 1800. Soon trading posts sprang up, including one established in 1874 at the Sheep River crossing on the current Okotoks townsite. This crossing was on a trade route called the Macleod Trail, which led from Fort Benton, Montana to Calgary. In 1879, the area saw the killing of the last buffalo. Government leasing of land for one cent per acre ($2.47/km²) began in 1880. This created a major change in the region. The first settlers arrived in 1882.

A community grew up around a sawmill that was established in 1891, and it would grow in size. The last stagecoach stopped in Okotoks in 1891 when rail service between Calgary and Fort Macleod replaced horse-drawn travel. By 1897 the community name had changed three times: from Sheep Creek to Dewdney to Okotoks, assigned by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The rail line is still a main line south to the U.S. border, but the last of the passenger service (Dayliner unit) ended in 1971. The town celebrated its centennial in 2004.

The Town of Okotoks

5 Elizabeth Street
Okotoks, Alberta T1S 1K1
Phone: 403.938.4404

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Your Okotoks is a free glossy covered community newsletter published monthly (12 times per year), and delivered to every household, apartment and business in Okotoks. Consisting of community news, event notifications, philanthropic initiatives, real estate statistics, and babysitter lists, Your Okotoks community newsletter has strong and consistent readership and advertising visibility.

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Okotoks Elected Officials

The city of Okotoks is represented by

Mayor Bill Robertson
Town of Okotoks
23 Sunset Crescent
Okotoks AB - T1S 1P3
Phone: (403) 938-8904
Fax: (403) 938-2766

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Dropped election brochures at about 400 homes yesterday! The Okotoks election is well underway!! VOTE ROBERTSON!!

Okotoks is also a part of the Highwood Provincial Electoral District.
MLA Wayne Anderson
MLA Highwood
Unit 5, 49 Elizabeth Street
Okotoks, AB - Canada T1S 2C1
Phone: (403) 995-5488
Fax: (403) 995-5490

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@mokshur_akiya @GenChuckYeager @NASA @elonmusk @SpaceX I agree, read your book became a pilot, your one of my heroes along with Winston Churchill remember Bud Anderson? Eagle eyes!

Okotoks Community Real Estate Statistics

Okotoks Active Listings

Okotoks Community Demographics

The Town of Okotoks’ 2013 municipal census counted a population of 26,319, a 5.4% increase over its 2012 municipal census population of 24,962. At its current population, Okotoks is the largest town in the province and is eligible for city status. According to Alberta’s Municipal Government Act, a town is eligible for city status when it reaches 10,000 residents.
Almost 3% of Okotoks residents identified themselves as aboriginal at the time of the 2006 census. About 93% of residents identified English as their first language while 1.4% identified French and 1.0% identified German as their first language learned. The next most common languages were Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Korean, and Slovak. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Okotoks Community Babysitters

This Community Babysitter List is brought to you by Click on the Babysitter’s name to view profile & contact information.
Babysitter NameAgeRateCourse
Aaron16 years old5$ per personno
Alana26 years old12-15yes
Alexandra35 years old$12.00yes
Alison19 years old15yes
Alli31 years old15yes
Amara15 years old7yes
Amber31 years old15-18yes
Amy27 years old15.00yes
Andrea16 years old5-10yes
Annette47 years old10yes
ariel18 years old9no
Athena16 years old$10yes
Autumn18 years old13yes
Belle21 years old10-12yes
Blair13 years oldGoing rateno
Blaise26 years old$15-$20yes
Brianne19 years old$10-$15yes
Brienna12 years oldNegotiableyes
Brittney19 years old15yes
Brittney19 years old15yes
Brooke14 years old5 per hour, plus $1 per hour for each additional childyes
Brooke15 years old$10.00yes
bushy47 years old10yes
Carissa20 years old$15yes
Carter13 years oldAround 5 dollars an houryes
Cassidy16 years old$5-15yes
chantele26 years old15no
Cindy24 years old13no
Crystle31 years old11-14yes
Danita23 years old12yes
Darby16 years old10.00yes
Daria18 years old13-14yes
Dasha14 years old$10 per childyes
Dawn38 years old$10yes
Deidra30 years old12.00-20 depending on how many childrenyes
Deidra30 years old12-20yes
Dylan16 years old$10yes
Elizabeth14 years oldWhat is offeredyes
Ella18 years old$13/negotiableno
Emilie24 years old$10.00-$15.00 Flexibleyes
Eric12 years old$10yes
Ethan12 years oldNegotiableyes
Eugene20 years old15yes
Evelyn13 years old4yes
Genevieve13 years old$10.00yes
Heather31 years old20yes
Heather30 years old10yes
Heather30 years old10-15yes
Holly17 years old$10yes
Holly12 years oldNegotiableyes
Jakarta20 years old15no
Jane52 years old12/hryes
Jessica22 years old12.00no
Jessica19 years old$5yes
Jessica20 years old$12yes
Julia18 years old$10yes
Kadence12 years old$5.00yes
Kaiya14 years old10$yes
Kayla23 years old16yes
Kayleigh17 years old8.00yes
kendyll12 years oldNegotiableyes
Kenzie19 years old~12no
Kristn19 years old12no
Kristyn20 years old13-15yes
Lauren20 years old$12/hour for 1 child, $15/hour for 2-3 childrenyes
Lisa31 years old12.00no
Luke14 years old8yes
Mackenzie15 years old10.00yes
Mackenzie15 years old10yes
Madison16 years old5yes
Maggie17 years old13no
Makenzie19 years old10yes
Maria18 years old10yes
Marissa25 years old$15.00-$20.00yes
Maxine15 years old5yes
Maya26 years old20no
Maya26 years old20no
Mehgan22 years old13no
Melissa21 years old14yes
Michelle32 years old16yes
Mila24 years old12.0no
Morgan24 years old15no
muniza41 years old10 to13 dollarsyes
Natalie17 years old$10 (Negotiable)yes
Nikki15 years old8-12yes
Olivia16 years old9yes
Olivia17 years old$15yes
Opey22 years old12 (negotiable)yes
Paige23 years old10yes
Paityn16 years old8yes
Pam28 years oldNegotiableyes
Piers15 years old$8 + negotiableyes
Polina16 years old10yes
Priscilla28 years old14yes
Rachael21 years old15yes
Reeve14 years old10yes
Rhiannan24 years old17no
Sabrina18 years old10yes
Samantha27 years old15yes
Samantha22 years old15no
Sarah21 years old13yes
Scott16 years old5yes
Shahara18 years old14.00 or negotiableyes
Shani25 years old13yes
Shawna19 years old12yes
shawna30 years old12yes
Shelby15 years old7.50yes
Sidney19 years old15yes
Simone13 years oldNegotiableyes
Sophia13 years old10$yes
Sumel Kaur19 years old10no
Taylor15 years old$6 an houryes
Taylor23 years old13yes
Tianna17 years oldNegotiableyes
Tracy34 years old15yes
Tristan13 years oldNegotiableyes
Tristin15 years old8yes
Vanessa25 years old$6-$10yes

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