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Dalhousie Community Background

The community of Dalhousie is located in Calgary’s northwest. It is bordered by John Laurie Boulevard in the North, Shaganappi Trail in the East, Crowchild Trail in the South and Sarcee Trail in the West. Dalhousie is south of Nose Hill Park, to which residents have easy access through the city’s pathway system. The Dalhousie area was annexed by the city in 1961 and developed in 1967. It is close to regional shopping centres as well as the University of Calgary and SAIT. There are both public and separate schools in the area.


Dalhousie Community Association

5432 Dalhart Rd NW
Calgary, AB - T3A 1V6
Phone: 403.286.2555

Dalhousie is home to an extremely active community centre. For the preschool set, the centre houses a playgroup cooperative, a playschool, a kindergarten and a Kindermusik program. For older children, the centre has regular girl guides and boy scout meetings, as well as offering volleyball, soccer (indoor and outdoor), karate, dancing, fencing, kung fu, Kumon math, babysitting courses, skiing and snowboarding instruction, and a youth group. For adults, the centre offers parent effectiveness courses, folk art, keyboarding, country dancing tai chi, skiing, snowboarding and yoga instruction. Along with these numerous classes, the centre also hosts a number of special events each year. The popular Diner’s Club hosts a number of themed dinners, and there is an annual Seniors Christmas tea and social, Winterfest Celebration, Stampede breakfast, Lobsterfest, craft fairs, art sales and used toy and clothes sale. With such a diversity of programs, Dalhousie truly offers something for everyone.

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Dalhousie Community Elected Officials

Dalhousie is represented in the Calgary City Council by Ward 7
Councillor Druh Farrell
Ward 7 Office
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB, CanadaT2P 2M5

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Dalhousie is also a part of the Calgary Varsity Provincial Electoral District.
MLA Stephanie McLean

#101, 5403 Crowchild Trail NW
Calgary, AB Canada T3B 4Z1
Phone: (403) 216-5436
Fax: (403) 216-5438

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Happy to see a near doubling of women running for #yegcc.It's progress but we must reach 50% #readyforher… #liftherup

Dalhousie Community Real Estate Statistics

Dalhousie Active Listings

Dalhousie Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2012 municipal census, Dalhousie had a population of 9,085 living in 3,739 dwellings, a 1.9% increase from its 2011 population of 8,917. With a land area of 3.3 km2 (1.3 sq mi), it had a population density of 2,750/km2 (7,130/sq mi) in 2012.
Residents in this community had a median household income of $59,298 in 2000, and there were 17.1% low income residents living in the neighbourhood. As of 2000, 24.1% of the residents were immigrants. A proportion of 25.1% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 26.8% were used for renting. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Dalhousie Community Babysitters

This Community Babysitter List is brought to you by Click on the Babysitter’s name to view profile & contact information.
Babysitter NameAgeRateCourse
Adam15 years old10yes
Addie34 years old10-15no
Adrienne15 years old10yes
Afnan17 years old$9.00yes
Alexandra35 years old$12.00yes
Alexandra21 years old12yes
Alexis22 years old14no
Alicia24 years old18no
Alicia14 years old9yes
Alison19 years old15yes
Alora23 years old13-15no
Alyshia26 years old20yes
Amber31 years old15-18yes
Andrea25 years old20.00no
Angela16 years old$5.00 – 10.00yes
Ania36 years oldNegotiableyes
Ariel18 years old$10no
Ashley21 years old15-20; varies with family needsyes
Barbara57 years old$14.00no
Blaise26 years old$15-$20yes
Bobbi23 years old13yes
Briana14 years old8-10$yes
Brittney19 years old15yes
Brittney19 years old15yes
bushy47 years old10yes
Caitlin13 years old6.00yes
Camila29 years old$13no
Camille16 years old7$ an hourno
Carla34 years old$10-15yes
Carly16 years oldNegotiableno
Carly19 years old14yes
Carol23 years old15yes
Chaerin16 years oldOne child $10 two $15 three+ $20yes
Chantelle28 years old10 – 15yes
Chrissi34 years old10no
Cicelly16 years old$10yes
Cindy24 years old13no
Claire16 years old10yes
Claudia23 years old15$no
Coda17 years old8no
Courtney23 years old22yes
Dayelle33 years old$10no
Deeti24 years old15no
Deidra28 years old15-25yes
Deidra30 years old12-20yes
Desieee25 years old$15-$20yes
Desiree25 years oldPlease contact for rateyes
Divine16 years old$10 – $15yes
Dylan17 years old14yes
Elaina17 years old15no
Eli17 years old15no
Elise21 years old14yes
Elizabeth21 years old$12 per houryes
Eman17 years old$12yes
Emily18 years old15yes
Eric16 years old10$no
Erin28 years old12.50yes
Eugene20 years old15yes
Eunice20 years old10yes
Faris16 years old10yes
Farnaz14 years old$10/hryes
Gazal16 years old$15/hour for 1 child, $16 per hour for 2 childrenno
Gemmalyn25 years old15yes
Genevieve27 years old16yes
Grace16 years old10.00yes
Hannah21 years old14-15yes
Hannah19 years old13yes
Heather31 years old20yes
Heather30 years old10yes
Heather30 years old10-15yes
Helana16 years old10$-15$yes
Holly16 years old9.00yes
Iris53 years old14no
Jakarta20 years old15no
Jamie-lyn23 years old$15no
Jane20 years old10yes
janessa15 years old$8/negotiableyes
Jessica22 years old13.00- 15.00yes
Jessica29 years old15yes
Jessica20 years old$12yes
joel13 years old11yes
Jordan26 years oldN/Ano
josefa27 years old12yes
Julia59 years old$8yes
Julia31 years old14no
Julia15 years old10$no
Juliette18 years old12.00yes
Kailey20 years old18yes
Kaiya14 years old10$yes
Karen37 years old10no
Kate22 years old13-14yes
Kate18 years old15yes
Kathryn17 years old$10yes
Katie20 years old15yes
Keira22 years old16yes
Kelly34 years old$15no
Kezia19 years old$11.00no
Kiera15 years oldNegotiableyes
Kiera16 years old10$yes
Kiki19 years old$15yes
Kisella20 years old15yes
Kristyn20 years old13-15yes
Kylie28 years old$15-$20yes
Larissa15 years old10 (negotiable)yes
Lucy22 years old$18-20yes
Maddy19 years old12yes
Maddy19 years old15yes
madison16 years old$10yes
Madison15 years old9yes
Makenzie19 years old10yes
Maria18 years old10.00yes
Mariah24 years old17-20no
Marty21 years old12yes
Maxine15 years old5yes
Maya16 years old15yes
Megan15 years old$8.00yes
Mehgan22 years old13no
Michael17 years old15yes
Michael17 years old15yes
Michelle22 years old$13.00 (negotiable)no
Michelle24 years old15no
Mila23 years old12.0no
Miranda21 years old$13 and upyes
Miyah17 years old$20.00yes
moiramcinnis1919 years old14yes
muniza41 years old10 to13 dollarsyes
Myrian19 years old15yes
Myrna46 years oldNegotiableyes
Nana16 years old10yes
Naomi19 years old11-15no
Natalia15 years old10yes
Nicole17 years old8-10$yes
Nicole22 years old13yes
noushafarin14 years old$10 (negotiable)yes
Opey22 years old12 (negotiable)yes
Paige14 years old7yes
Paige21 years old12-15$yes
Paige23 years old10yes
Paméla23 years old10no
Priscilla28 years old14yes
Priya23 years old14no
Rachel16 years old5yes
Rachel21 years old12yes
Rachel21 years old15yes
Rachel15 years old10-12$, Flexibleyes
Sai Madhu39 years old10no
Saima (Sam)35 years old5yes
Samantha28 years old17no
Samantha27 years old15yes
Samantha23 years old$10-$20yes
sandy17 years old15yes
Sarah16 years old$10yes
Sarah17 years old$10 (negotiable)yes
Sebastian17 years old$10yes
shawna30 years old12yes
Sholeh44 years old10yes
Shumaila38 years old8no
Shy-Lynn16 years old10/houryes
Shy-Lynn17 years old$10yes
Sierra15 years old10 – 15yes
Siobhan23 years old17-20no
Sofia20 years old14-15yes
Sophie and Juniper12 years old$10yes
Stephanie34 years old18no
tait13 years old10$/per childyes
Tamara23 years old10/15$yes
Tara34 years old$15-$20yes
Taryn21 years old15$yes
Taylor21 years old12-15yes
Teaghan19 years old12no
Teryl23 years old10no
Tianna17 years oldNegotiableyes
Todd46 years old15.00yes
Tory22 years old15yes
Vanessa25 years old$6-$10yes
Vaughn18 years old14$ hourlyyes
Zara34 years old10yes
Zuzanna14 years old10$no

Dalhousie Community Map – Northwest Calgary

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