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Tuscany Community Background

Tuscany is a residential neighbourhood in the north-west quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. It is located at the western edge of the city, and is bounded to the north by Crowchild Trail, to the east by Stoney Trail, Bearspaw Dam Road to the south and Twelve Mile Coulee Road and the recently annexed community of Lynx Ridge and the rural acreages of Bearspaw to the west. Tuscany was established in 1994 and it was named for the region of Tuscany, Italy.


Tuscany Community Association

Box 27030, RPO Tuscany NW
Calgary, AB - T3L 2Y1

The Tuscany Community Association, formed in April of 2000, is a volunteer-driven body committed to addressing community issues, planning community events and recreation activities, and providing effective representation in civic matters. Membership in the Tuscany Community Association is voluntary and costs $25 per year. A single membership covers a household for participation in TCA activities & entitles one vote at the AGM.

Tuscany Community Newsletter

Your Tuscany is a free glossy covered community newsletter published monthly (12 times per year), and delivered to every household, apartment and business in Tuscany. Consisting of community news, event notifications, philanthropic initiatives, real estate statistics, and babysitter lists, Your Tuscany community newsletter has strong and consistent readership and advertising visibility.

  • Magazine Style Publications
  • Glossy Full Color Covers
  • Circulation: 6,600 Households
  • 12 Publications per Year
  • Community Calendar
  • News, Events & Photos
  • Community Programs
  • Sports Registrations
  • Church Announcements
  • School Announcements
  • Real Estate Updates
  • Community Babysitter List
The Tuscany Club

The Tuscany Club

212 Tuscany Way NW
Calgary, AB – T3L 2J6

The Tuscany Club is an exclusive, multi-purpose recreational facility with a recreation programmer. The Tuscany Club provides Carma’s Tuscany residents with four seasons of activities right in their own backyard. The 16,000 square foot recreation facility includes a large gymnasium, two meeting rooms, multi-purpose rooms, kitchen facilities, office facilities and a skate change area.

Tuscany Club Features:

  • Private Clubhouse
  • Recreation Programmer
  • Basketball courts
  • Wading pool and water park
  • Tennis courts
  • Scenic picnic area
  • Green play areas
  • Hockey rink and skating pond
  • Horseshoes
  • Shuffleboard

Tuscany Community Social Media Updates

Tuscany Community Elected Officials

Tuscany is represented in the Calgary City Council by Ward 1
Councillor Ward Sutherland
Ward 1 Office
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB, Canada T2P 2M5
Phone: 403-268-2445
Fax: 403-268-8091

Social Media

@Burger320 @Tuscany_Calgary please to send a cheque for $200 ($2 every ward burger) to the youth council. Sutherland2017

Tuscany is also a part of the Calgary North West Provincial Electoral District.
MLA Sandra Jansen
Calgary-North West

Suite 7223, 8650 - 112th Avenue NW
Calgary, AB T3G 0E2
Phone: (403) 297-7104
Fax: (403) 297-7121
Tuscany is represented in Ottawa by the Member of Parliament for Calgary Rocky Ridge
MP Pat Kelly
Calgary Rocky Ridge
Suite 202, 400 Crowfoot Crescent NW
Calgary AB T3G 5H6
Phone: (403) 282-7980
Fax: (403) 282-3587

Social Media

The grand opening of the new @RRROCA1 community park. It took hard work and dedication by many community volunteers to make it happen.

Tuscany Community Real Estate Statistics

Tuscany Active Listings

Tuscany Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2012 municipal census, Tuscany had a population of 19,013 living in 6,492 dwellings, a 0.9% increase from its 2011 population of 18,838. With a land area of 6.9 km2 (2.7 sq mi), it had a population density of 2,756/km2 (7,140/sq mi) in 2012.
Residents in this community had a median household income of $92,453 in 2005, and there were 7.1% low income residents living in the neighborhood. As of 2006, 18.5% of the residents were immigrants. A proportion of 7.6% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 2.7% of the housing was used for renting. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Tuscany Community Babysitters

This Community Babysitter List is brought to you by Click on the Babysitter’s name to view profile & contact information.
Babysitter NameAgeRateCourse
Addie34 years old10-15no
Adrienne15 years old10yes
Afnan17 years old$9.00yes
Alexandra35 years old$12.00yes
Alexis22 years old14no
Alicia24 years old18no
Alicia14 years old9yes
Alison19 years old15yes
Alora23 years old13-15no
Alyshia26 years old20yes
Alyssa12 years old8yes
Amber31 years old15-18yes
Amber15 years old10yes
Amelia14 years old9yes
Amy16 years old15no
Andrea25 years old20.00no
Angela16 years old$5.00 – 10.00yes
Anika15 years old$10yes
Anita16 years old$10/ Negotiableyes
Anna13 years old7-10yes
Annika12 years old$10 – $13yes
Ashley21 years old15-20; varies with family needsyes
Blaise26 years old$15-$20yes
Bobbi23 years old13yes
Breton14 years old$8 for 1 child $12 for 2 childrenyes
Briana14 years old8-10$yes
Brittney19 years old15yes
Brittney19 years old15yes
Brooklyne14 years old10.00yes
Brynna & Maya16 years old9yes
bushy47 years old10yes
Caitlin13 years old6.00yes
Camila29 years old$13no
Camille16 years old7$ an hourno
Carla34 years old$10-15yes
Carly16 years oldNegotiableno
Carly20 years old14yes
Cassandra27 years old$15yes
Cecile49 years old15no
Chaerin16 years oldOne child $10 two $15 three+ $20yes
Chantelle28 years old10 – 15yes
Cheryl13 years old$10yes
Chrissi34 years old10no
Christine33 years old25yes
Cicelly16 years old$10yes
Cindy24 years old13no
Claire16 years old$8 for 1 child, $10 for two or moreyes
Claire32 years old$15yes
Claudia23 years old15$no
Coda17 years old8no
Courtney23 years old22yes
Dayelle33 years old$10no
Deeti24 years old15no
Deidra30 years old12-20yes
Deidra28 years old15-25yes
Desieee25 years old$15-$20yes
Desiree25 years oldPlease contact for rateyes
Divine16 years old$10 – $15yes
Dylan17 years old14yes
Ekene20 years old10yes
Elaina17 years old15no
Eli17 years old15no
Elise21 years old14yes
Elizabeth21 years old$12 per houryes
Ellen14 years old$10yes
Emily16 years old5-15yes
Emily18 years old15yes
Emma14 years old$10yes
Eric16 years old10$no
Erica13 years old5$ per childyes
Erin28 years old12.50yes
Eugene20 years old15yes
Eunice20 years old10yes
Faris16 years old10yes
Farnaz14 years old$10/hryes
Fiona17 years old$10yes
Gazal16 years old$15/hour for 1 child, $16 per hour for 2 childrenno
Gemmalyn25 years old15yes
Genevieve27 years old16yes
Gia17 years old$12-16yes
Gracia21 years old13-16-$yes
Haley23 years old20yes
Hannah14 years old10yes
Hannah21 years old14-15yes
Hannah19 years old13yes
Heather30 years old10yes
Heather30 years old10-15yes
Helana16 years old10$-15$yes
Iris53 years old14no
Jamie-lyn23 years old$15no
Janeeta19 years old$10no
janessa15 years old$8/negotiableyes
Jasmin15 years old$8yes
Jenica16 years old1 child 8$ 2 children 10$yes
Jenn38 years old12no
Jenoah17 years old10yes
Jessica29 years old15yes
Jessica20 years old$12yes
joel13 years old11yes
Jordan26 years oldN/Ano
josefa27 years old12yes
Julia17 years old10yes
Julia17 years old10yes
Julia59 years old$8yes
Julia31 years old14no
Julia14 years old10yes
Julianna15 years old10.00yes
Juliette18 years old12.00yes
Kailey20 years old18yes
Kaitlyn17 years old10.00yes
Kaiya14 years old10$yes
Kalyn15 years old8no
Karen37 years old10no
Kasandra28 years old$15-20yes
Kate40 years old$8yes
Kate22 years old13-14yes
Kate18 years old15yes
Katie20 years old15yes
Keira22 years old16yes
Kelly34 years old$15no
Kelsey22 years old10-15yes
Kendra14 years old8yes
Kiera15 years oldNegotiableyes
Kiki19 years old$15yes
Kristyn20 years old13-15yes
Kylie28 years old$15-$20yes
Larissa15 years old10 (negotiable)yes
Lipi33 years old8.00yes
Lucy22 years old$18-20yes
Luise17 years old10+yes
Maddy19 years old12yes
Maddy19 years old15yes
Madison15 years old9yes
Makenzie19 years old10yes
Maria46 years old$20.00no
Maria18 years old10.00yes
Mariah24 years old17-20no
Marty21 years old12yes
Maxine15 years old5yes
Maya16 years old15yes
Megan16 years old$5 up to 2 children $1 more per child if more than 2yes
Megan20 years old10yes
Mehgan22 years old13no
Melaine And Karina17 years old5$yes
Michael17 years old15yes
Michael17 years old15yes
Michelle15 years old$5.00 for one child $8.00 for more than oneyes
Michelle22 years old$13.00 (negotiable)no
Michelle24 years old15no
Mila24 years old12.0no
Miranda21 years old$13 and upyes
Miyah17 years old$20.00yes
moiramcinnis1919 years old14yes
Myrian19 years old15yes
Nana16 years old10yes
Naomi18 years old10yes
Naomi18 years old10.50yes
Naomi19 years old11-15no
Natalia15 years old10yes
Nathan14 years old12yes
Opey22 years old12 (negotiable)yes
Paige21 years old12-15$yes
Paige23 years old10yes
Paméla23 years old10no
Payton13 years old$10 (negotiable)yes
Priscilla28 years old14yes
Priya13 years old$8 (negotiable)yes
Rachel21 years old15yes
Rachel15 years old10-12$, Flexibleyes
Rhae17 years old15no
Ryan15 years old$10yes
Samantha28 years old17no
Samantha27 years old15yes
sandy17 years old15yes
Sarah17 years old$10yes
Shannon15 years old10yes
shawna30 years old12yes
Shayla17 years old10yes
Shelby15 years old$8yes
Shumaila38 years old8no
Shy-Lynn16 years old10/houryes
Shy-Lynn17 years old$10yes
Sierra13 years old7$/1hno
Siobhan24 years old17-20no
Sophia16 years old8-10yes
Stefanie32 years old20yes
Tamara23 years old10/15$yes
Tara34 years old$15-$20yes
Taryn21 years old15$yes
Taylor21 years old12-15yes
Teagan15 years old$5 / an hourno
Teaghan19 years old12no
Teryl23 years old10no
Tianna17 years oldNegotiableyes
Todd46 years old15.00yes
Vanessa25 years old$6-$10yes
Vaughn18 years old14$ hourlyyes
Zachary14 years oldNegotiable but more info on my websiteyes

Tuscany Community Map – Northwest Calgary

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