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Ogden Community Background

Millican-Ogden is one of the oldest communities in Calgary. It is named after the Millican family, homesteaders who settled in the area in the early 1900s, and I.G. Ogden, the former Vice-president of the Canadian Pacific Railway. With the construction of the Ogden Shops in 1912-1913 the area gained the distinction of being the only CPR repair shop between Winnipeg and Vancouver. Millican-Ogden is located in the SE, and, due to its long history, is home to several vintage homes including the historic Ogden Hotel. The area also contains numerous restaurants and strip malls. In addition, there is plenty of open space in the area, particularly in the Bow River Valley, as well as numerous parks. The community’s outdoor pool and the Jack Setter’s Arena offer recreation opportunities to residents. There are also both public and separate schools in the area.


Millican Ogden Community Association

6901-20A St. SE
Calgary, AB - T2C 0R5
Phone: 403.279.3973
Fax: 403.279.256.3736

The Community Association is made up of dedicated volunteers committed to ensuring a high quality of life in and around Millican Ogden. You can check the website regularly to keep tabs on the news and events that might affect you. Millican Ogden Community Association maintains a diverse mandate. We comment on all building development applications, run sports and recreation programs, publish a newsletter and website, and still find the time to run an expanding list of social events. Each year, our voice grows, and so to does our voice in civic affairs. As with any community association in Calgary, we rely on new volunteers to help us grow and succeed. There is no better way for us to represent the community than to have the community working with us.

Ogden Community Elected Officials

Ogden is represented in the Calgary City Council by Ward 9
Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra
Ward 9 Office
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB, CanadaT2P 2M5
Phone: 403-268-5330
Fax: 403-268-8091

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Ogden is also a part of the Calgary Fort Provincial Electoral District.
MLA Joe Ceci

2784 Glenmore Trail SE
Calgary, AB Canada T2C 2E6
Phone: (403) 216-5454
Fax: (403) 216-5455

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Ogden Community Real Estate Statistics

Ogden Active Listings

Ogden Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2012 municipal census, Ogden had a population of 8,702 living in 3,879 dwellings, a 3.2% increase from its 2011 population of 8,432. With a land area of 4.1 km2 (1.6 sq mi), it had a population density of 2,122/km2 (5,500/sq mi) in 2012.
Residents in this community had a median household income of $47,500 in 2000, and there were 18.1% low income residents living in the neighborhood. As of 2000, 14.6% of the residents were immigrants. A proportion of 19.9% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 33.3% of the housing was used for renting. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Ogden Community Babysitters

This Community Babysitter List is brought to you by Click on the Babysitter’s name to view profile & contact information.
Babysitter Name Age Rate Course
Alana 26 years old 12-15 yes
Alexandra 35 years old $12.00 yes
Alison 19 years old 15 yes
Aliyah 15 years old $8.00 yes
Alyshia 25 years old 20 yes
Amber 31 years old 15-18 yes
Amy 27 years old 15.00 yes
Andrea 15 years old 5-10 yes
ariel 18 years old 9 no
Ariel 18 years old 10 no
Ashley 25 years old 10 no
Autumn 18 years old 13 yes
Ayden 17 years old $10 yes
Benjamin 17 years old 12-20 no
Blaise 26 years old $15-$20 yes
Brittney 19 years old 15 yes
Brittney 19 years old 15 yes
bushy 47 years old 10 yes
Carly 19 years old 14 yes
chantele 26 years old 15 no
Chery 44 years old $750 per month yes
Cheyanne 21 years old 13-15 no
Cheyanne 21 years old 13-15 no
Christina 15 years old 10-15 (negotiable) yes
Cindy 24 years old 13 no
Claire 19 years old 12 no
Connor 13 years old 10.00 yes
Cortney 32 years old 14 yes
Crystle 31 years old 11-14 yes
Danita 23 years old 12 yes
Daria 18 years old 13-14 yes
Dawn 38 years old $10 yes
Deidra 30 years old 12.00-20 depending on how many children yes
Deidra 30 years old 12-20 yes
Dominic 19 years old $12/hr yes
Ella 18 years old $13/negotiable no
Emilie 24 years old $10.00-$15.00 Flexible yes
Emma 14 years old 10.00 yes
Emma 14 years old 10.00 yes
Eugene 19 years old 15 yes
Evelyn 13 years old 4 yes
Finnley 18 years old 10 yes
Franny 14 years old $10 yes
Gracia 21 years old 13-16-$ yes
Heather 30 years old 20 yes
Heather 30 years old 10 yes
Heather 30 years old 10-15 yes
Jane 52 years old 12/hr yes
Jenn 27 years old 20 yes
Jessica 21 years old 12.00 no
Jessica 26 years old 14 yes
Jessica 20 years old $12 yes
jordan 15 years old $5 per hour yes
Kaiya 14 years old 10$ yes
Katie 20 years old 10 no
Kayla 23 years old 15 yes
Kiki 19 years old $15 yes
Kristn 19 years old 12 no
Kristyn 20 years old 13-15 yes
Kylie 27 years old $15-$20 yes
Laura 21 years old 12-20 (will discuss for each situation) no
Lauren 26 years old Minimum $15 to $20 no
Lisa 31 years old 12.00 no
Maddy 19 years old 12 yes
Maddy 19 years old 15 yes
Maggie 16 years old 13 no
Makenzie 19 years old 10 yes
Maria 17 years old 10 yes
Maricel 41 years old 10-15 yes
Marissa 24 years old $15.00-$20.00 yes
Mary Grace 38 years old Negotiable no
Matthew 20 years old 85 yes
Maxine 15 years old 5 yes
Maya 26 years old 20 no
Maya 26 years old 20 no
Mehgan 22 years old 13 no
Michelle 24 years old 15 no
Michelle 32 years old 16 yes
Mila 23 years old 12.0 no
muniza 41 years old 10 to13 dollars yes
Mursal 21 years old Negotiable yes
Myrian 18 years old 15 yes
Nola 31 years old 14.00 yes
Olivia 17 years old $15 yes
Opey 22 years old 12 (negotiable) yes
Paige 20 years old 12-15$ yes
Paige 23 years old 10 yes
Pam 28 years old Negotiable yes
Polina 16 years old 10 yes
Priscilla 28 years old 14 yes
Rachael 21 years old 15 yes
Rachel 14 years old 11 yes
Rachel 19 years old 15 yes
Sabrina 17 years old 10 yes
Samantha 26 years old 15 yes
Samantha 21 years old 15 no
Santana 21 years old 10-15 no
Shani 24 years old 13 yes
Shawna 19 years old 12 yes
shawna 30 years old 12 yes
sherry 50 years old Not sure what the hourly rate is. yes
Shyla 18 years old 11.50 no
Sumel Kaur 19 years old 10 no
Sydney 26 years old 20 yes
Tamara 23 years old 10/15$ yes
Teryl 23 years old 10 no
Tianna 17 years old Negotiable yes
Tianna 17 years old $10 no
Tierza 19 years old $10 yes
Tracy 33 years old 15 yes
Vanessa 25 years old $6-$10 yes
Vaughn 18 years old 14$ hourly yes
Yenny 37 years old 13 no

Ogden Community Map – Calgary

Ogden Schools

Ogden is home to the following schools.
Saint Bernadette School(403) 500-202055 Lynndale Cres SE
Sherwood School(403) 777-75902011 - 66 Avenue SE

Ogden Churches

The following churches are located in Ogden.
New Life Community Church(403) 279-36637642 22 St SE
Ogden United Church(403) 279-48247401 23 St SE
St. Augustine's Church(403) 279-31057602 22A St SE

Ogden Community Pictures

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