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Ramsay Community Background

Ramsay is a residential neighbourhood in the south-east quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. It is an inner city community, located east of the Elbow River, Macleod Trail, Stampede Grounds and the Pengrowth Saddledome arena and south of Inglewood. To the south-east, it borders the Alyth-Bonny Brook industrial area. The eastern half of the community consists primarily of older homes and there is an industrial area in the most eastern corner of the community.
The area now known as Ramsay was developed in the 1880s by Wesley Fletcher Orr and his partners. It was named Ramsay in 1956 when residents of Burnsland, Brewery Flats, Grandview and Mills Estate consolidated as a new community. It was named for William Thomson Ramsay (1857-1921), an early land agent and property owner. It is represented in the Calgary City Council by the Ward 9 councillor. The community has an area redevelopment plan in place


Ramsay Community Association

1136-8 St SE
Calgary, AB - T2G 2Z7
Phone: 403.265.4898
Fax: 403.265.4858

Ramsay has recently undergone a great deal of infill development to replace older homes. The result is a vibrant neighbourhood, which sports an eclectic variety of architectural styles. The Ramsay community association has been active in ensuring that such development is consistent with their community vision. The community association invites resident feedback, and held a contest that allowed residents to submit design ideas. The winner, Mark Boutin, has won the prestigious Prix de Rome architectural category and his contributions are sure to allow Ramsay to continue its successful revitalization. The Ramsay community association also contains a Beautification committee, which is currently painting vibrant murals in the area. The neighbourhood is also working in cooperation with the city’s Forever Green tree planting program to fill the area with trees. A children’s garden is also in the works. In additions, Ramsay offers a number of special events for residents, including a “boot sale,” where residents sell used items in car trunks, a high tea, and an edible flower festival.

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Ramsay Community Elected Officials

Ramsay is represented in the Calgary City Council by Ward 9
Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra
Ward 9 Office
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB, CanadaT2P 2M5
Phone: 403-268-5330
Fax: 403-268-8091

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Ramsay is also a part of the Calgary Fort Provincial Electoral District.
MLA Joe Ceci

2784 Glenmore Trail SE
Calgary, AB Canada T2C 2E6
Phone: (403) 216-5454
Fax: (403) 216-5455

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Ramsay Community Real Estate Statistics

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Ramsay Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2012 municipal census, Ramsay had a population of 2,110 living in 1,132 dwellings, a 5.2% increase from its 2011 population of 2,006. With a land area of 1 km2 (0.39 sq mi), it had a population density of 2,100/km2 (5,500/sq mi) in 2012.
Residents in this community had a median household income of $43,716 in 2000. This means half of the population in this community had an income above that amount, and the other half had an income below that amount. As a reference, the median household income for the whole city of Calgary was approximately 30% greater: $57,879.The low income residents living in the neighbourhood represented 19.5% of its total population. As of 2000, 15.1% of the residents were immigrants. A proportion of 31% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 46.9% of the housing was used for renting. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Ramsay Community Babysitters

This Community Babysitter List is brought to you by Click on the Babysitter’s name to view profile & contact information.
Babysitter Name Age Rate Course
Abby 13 years old Flexible Rates yes
Alexandra 35 years old $12.00 yes
Alexis 23 years old 14 no
Alison 19 years old 15 yes
Alora 24 years old 13-15 no
Alyshia 26 years old 20 yes
Amber 32 years old 15-18 yes
Amy 28 years old 15.00 yes
Andrea 16 years old 5-10 yes
ariel 19 years old 9 no
Ariel 19 years old 10 no
Aurora 19 years old $15 yes
Autumn 18 years old 13 yes
Ayca and Cali 12 years old 15 yes
Ayca and Cali 12 years old 15 yes
Barbara 57 years old $14.00 no
Benjamin 18 years old 12-20 no
Blaise 26 years old $15-$20 yes
Brittney 20 years old 15 yes
Brittney 20 years old 15 yes
bushy 47 years old 10 yes
Carly 20 years old 14 yes
chantele 26 years old 15 no
Christine 33 years old 25 yes
Cindy 24 years old 13 no
Claire 19 years old 12 no
Crystle 31 years old 11-14 yes
Danita 23 years old 12 yes
Daria 18 years old 13-14 yes
Dawn 38 years old $10 yes
Deidra 30 years old 12.00-20 depending on how many children yes
Deidra 30 years old 12-20 yes
Desiree 25 years old 17-20 yes
Elizabeth 24 years old 17.00 yes
Ella 19 years old $13/negotiable no
Emilie 24 years old $10.00-$15.00 Flexible yes
Emily 22 years old Negotiable yes
Emma 15 years old 10.00 yes
Emma 15 years old 10.00 yes
Eugene 20 years old 15 yes
Eva 16 years old $5. extra dollar per extra child. yes
Evelyn 14 years old 4 yes
Finnley 19 years old 10 yes
Genevieve 15 years old 10 to 15 yes
Haley 24 years old 20 yes
Heather 31 years old 20 yes
Heather 30 years old 10 yes
Heather 30 years old 10-15 yes
Jakarta 20 years old 15 no
Jenn 27 years old 20 yes
Jessica 22 years old 12.00 no
Jessica 20 years old $12 yes
Jordan 17 years old 13.60 no
Julia 18 years old 13 yes
Kailey 20 years old 18 yes
Kaiya 14 years old 10$ yes
Kallie 25 years old 15 yes
Kayla 24 years old 16 yes
Kelsea 25 years old $13-15 yes
Kerri 33 years old 15 no
Kiki 19 years old $15 yes
Kimberley 22 years old 15 yes
Kristn 19 years old 12 no
Kristyn 21 years old 13-15 yes
Kyara 14 years old $10 yes
Kylie 28 years old $15-$20 yes
Lisa 31 years old 12.00 no
Louise 56 years old 12 no
Maddison 19 years old 13 yes
Maddy 20 years old 12 yes
Maddy 20 years old 15 yes
Maggie 17 years old 13 no
Maggie 23 years old 15 yes
Makenzie 20 years old 10 yes
Maria 18 years old 10 yes
Mariah 25 years old 17-20 no
Marissa 25 years old $15.00-$20.00 yes
Mary Grace 39 years old Negotiable no
Mattea 14 years old 10 yes
Matthew 21 years old 85 yes
Maxine 15 years old 5 yes
Maya 27 years old 20 no
Mehgan 22 years old 13 no
Michelle 24 years old 17-20 no
Michelle 33 years old 16 yes
Mila 24 years old 12.0 no
muniza 41 years old 10 to13 dollars yes
Mursal 21 years old Negotiable yes
Myrian 19 years old 15 yes
Natasha 26 years old 18 yes
Norma 38 years old 18 yes
Olivia 18 years old $15 yes
Opey 22 years old 12 (negotiable) yes
Paige 21 years old 12-15$ yes
Pam 28 years old Negotiable yes
Paula 32 years old 12,00 yes
Polina 16 years old 10 yes
Priscilla 28 years old 14 yes
Quinn 15 years old Negotiable yes
Rachael 21 years old 15 yes
Rachel 19 years old 15 yes
Rhiannan 24 years old 17 no
Sabrina 18 years old 10 yes
Samantha 27 years old 15 yes
Samantha 22 years old 15 no
Sarah 22 years old 14 yes
Shawna 19 years old 12 yes
shawna 31 years old 12 yes
sherry 51 years old Negotiable. yes
Shumaila 38 years old 8 no
Sumel Kaur 20 years old 10 no
Tamara 24 years old 10/15$ yes
Taryn 21 years old 15$ yes
Tianna 17 years old Negotiable yes
Tianna 17 years old $10 no
Tracy 34 years old 15 yes
Vanessa 25 years old $6-$10 yes
Vaughn 18 years old 14$ hourly yes
Yvette 53 years old 10 no

Ramsay Community Map – SouthEast Calgary

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Ramsay Community Pictures

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