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Riverbend Community Background

Riverbend is a residential neighbourhood in the south-east quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. It is bounded to the north by Glenmore Trail, to the east by 24 Street E and to the west by Deerfoot Trail. It is developed in the Bow River floodplain, on its escarpment and the upland plain. Riverbend was established as a neighbourhood in 1982.


Riverbend Community Association

19 Rivervalley Drive SE
Phone:(403) 236-7270
Fax:(403) 236-1821

The Riverbend Community Association is a volunteer organization of individuals elected annually at the Annual General Meeting in June. The Board and Executive committee, consists exclusively of residents that meet once each month at the Community Centre. The Board deals with the day to day operations involved with running the facility, (i.e.,. maintenance of building, rink and property), as well as organizing many events.
The City of Calgary invites our Community Association to make comments regarding any Planning applications and Development permit applications in our neighbourhood. The Board of Directors welcomes input from our residents on such matters. Our Community Liaison Officer (CLO) from the City of Calgary Police Department is a regular visitor to our monthly board meetings, updating us on crime statistics and other important matters relating to our community.

Riverbend Community Newsletter

is a free glossy covered community newsletter published monthly (12 times per year), and delivered to every household, apartment and business in Riverbend. Consisting of community news, event notifications, philanthropic initiatives, real estate statistics, and babysitter lists, community newsletter has strong and consistent readership and advertising visibility.

  • Magazine Style Publications
  • Glossy Full Color Covers
  • Circulation: 5,200 Households
  • 12 Publications per Year
  • Community Calendar
  • News, Events & Photos
  • Community Programs
  • Sports Registrations
  • Church Announcements
  • School Announcements
  • Real Estate Updates
  • Community Babysitter List

Riverbend Community Social Media Updates

Riverbend Community Elected Officials

Riverbend is represented in the Calgary City Council by Ward 9
Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra
Ward 9 Office
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB, CanadaT2P 2M5
Phone: 403-268-5330
Fax: 403-268-8091

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Great neighbourhoods make a great city & to get there we're transforming how we plan our communities.

Riverbend is also a part of the Acadia Provincial Electoral District.
MLA Brandy Payne
#10, 8318 Fairmount Drive SE
Calgary, AB Canada T2H 0Y8
Phone: (403) 640-1363
Fax: (403) 640-2970

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Proud to declare September as Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month in Alberta as part of the Muscular Dystrophy Walk

Riverbend Community Real Estate Statistics

Riverbend Active Listings

Riverbend Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2012 municipal census, Riverbend had a population of 9,684 living in 3,449 dwellings, a -0.7% increase from its 2011 population of 9,749. With a land area of 4.1 km2 (1.6 sq mi), it had a population density of 2,362/km2 (6,120/sq mi) in 2012. Residents in this community had a median household income of $78,574 in 2000, and there were 6.1% low income residents living in the neighborhood. As of 2000, 17.3% of the residents were immigrants. A proportion of 2.5% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 3.5% of the housing was used for renting. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Riverbend Community Babysitters

This Community Babysitter List is brought to you by Click on the Babysitter’s name to view profile & contact information.
Babysitter NameAgeRateCourse
Alana26 years old12-15yes
Alexandra35 years old$12.00yes
Alison19 years old15yes
Aliyah15 years old$10.00yes
Alli31 years old15yes
Alora23 years old13-15no
Alyshia26 years old20yes
Amber31 years old15-18yes
Amy16 years old10yes
Amy27 years old15.00yes
Andrea16 years old5-10yes
ariel18 years old9no
Ariel18 years old10no
Ashlee16 years old10yes
Ashlee16 years old10yes
Ashley25 years old10no
Autumn13 years old$10.00yes
Autumn18 years old13yes
Benjamin18 years old12-20no
Blaise26 years old$15-$20yes
Brittney19 years old15yes
Brittney19 years old15yes
bushy47 years old10yes
Camille16 years old7$ an hourno
Carly19 years old14yes
chantele26 years old15no
Charlotte19 years old$15yes
Chery45 years old$750 per monthyes
Cheyanne21 years old13-15no
Cheyanne21 years old13-15no
Christina18 years old15.00$yes
Christina15 years old10-15 (negotiable)yes
Cindy24 years old13no
Claire19 years old12no
Connor14 years old10.00yes
Crystle31 years old11-14yes
Danita23 years old12yes
Daria18 years old13-14yes
Dawn38 years old$10yes
Deidra30 years old12.00-20 depending on how many childrenyes
Deidra30 years old12-20yes
Desieee25 years old$15-$20yes
Dominic19 years old$12/hryes
E. Nicholas14 years old$12yes
Elizabeth24 years old15.00yes
Ella18 years old$13/negotiableno
Emilie24 years old$10.00-$15.00 Flexibleyes
Emma15 years old10.00yes
Emma14 years old$10/hr for one child $16/hr for two children, flexible to reasonable offersyes
Emma15 years old10.00yes
Eugene20 years old15yes
Evelyn13 years old4yes
Evelyn56 years old10-12no
Finnley19 years old10yes
Franny15 years old$10yes
G. Sophia16 years old$12yes
Garrett19 years old10yes
Georgia24 years old12yes
Hayley15 years old$10yes
Heather31 years old20yes
Heather30 years old10yes
Heather30 years old10-15yes
Isla17 years old10-15no
Jakarta20 years old15no
Jane52 years old12/hryes
Jessica22 years old12.00no
Jessica26 years old14yes
Jessica20 years old$12yes
jordan15 years old$5 per houryes
Kailey20 years old18yes
Kaitlyn17 years old10-12yes
Kaiya14 years old10$yes
Kayla23 years old16yes
Kenzie19 years old~12no
Kiki19 years old$15yes
Kindred20 years old12-15$yes
Kristn19 years old12no
Kristyn20 years old13-15yes
Kylie28 years old$15-$20yes
Laura22 years old12-20 (will discuss for each situation)no
Lauren27 years oldMinimum $15 to $20no
Lauren20 years old$12/hour for 1 child, $15/hour for 2-3 childrenyes
Lisa31 years old12.00no
Maddy19 years old12yes
Maddy19 years old15yes
Maggie17 years old13no
Makenzie19 years old10yes
Maria18 years old10yes
Mariah24 years old17-20no
Maricel41 years old10-15yes
Marissa25 years old$15.00-$20.00yes
Mary Grace38 years oldNegotiableno
Mattea14 years old10yes
Matthew21 years old85yes
Maxine15 years old5yes
Maya26 years old20no
Maya26 years old20no
Megan23 years old15no
Mehgan22 years old13no
Melissa21 years old14yes
Mia15 years old6$, two or more kids-6$ each per hour, 12$ after midnightno
Michelle19 years old$8 first child $2 per child afteryes
Michelle24 years old15no
Michelle32 years old16yes
Michelle24 years old$15.00no
Mila23 years old12.0no
muniza41 years old10 to13 dollarsyes
Mursal21 years oldNegotiableyes
Myrian19 years old15yes
Natasha26 years old18yes
Olivia17 years old$15yes
Opey22 years old12 (negotiable)yes
Paige21 years old12-15$yes
Paige23 years old10yes
Pam28 years oldNegotiableyes
Paula32 years old12,00yes
Polina16 years old10yes
Priscilla28 years old14yes
Rachael21 years old15yes
Rachel21 years old15yes
Rachel14 years old11yes
Rachel19 years old15yes
Rhiannan24 years old17no
Rhys17 years old$7-10yes
Roman13 years old10/hr 1$/hr additional kid MAX 3yes
Sabrina18 years old10yes
Samantha27 years old15yes
Samantha21 years old15no
Sarah21 years old13yes
Shani25 years old13yes
Shawna19 years old12yes
shawna30 years old12yes
Shumaila38 years old8no
Shyla19 years old11.50no
Sidney19 years old15yes
Sophia19 years old15yes
Stephanie13 years old$10yes
Sumel Kaur19 years old10no
Tamara23 years old10/15$yes
Tamia15 years old15 dollars an houryes
Tessa21 years old14yes
Tianna17 years oldNegotiableyes
Tianna17 years old$10no
Tracy34 years old15yes
Tyanna13 years old10yes
Vanessa25 years old$6-$10yes
Vaughn18 years old14$ hourlyyes

Riverbend Community Map – SouthEast Calgary

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