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Aspen Woods Community Background

Aspen Woods is a residential neighborhood in the south-west quadrant of Calgary, Alberta, consisting mostly of acreages and single-family detached homes.
Aspen Woods was established as a neighbourhood in 2001, on land annexed to the City of Calgary in 1956.


Aspen Woods Community Association

277 Strathcona Drive SW
Calgary, Alberta, T3H 2A4
Phone: (403) 249-1138
Fax: (403) 249-7811

Strathcona Park, Christie Park and Aspen Woods are located on the western side of Calgary in the city’s SW quadrant. The community names are often referred to as simply Strathcona, Christie and Aspen. The area was annexed from Municipal District of Rockyview in 1956. Strathcona and Christie were developed in the 1980’s; they are located on an elevated plateau that allows for excellent eastward views of Calgary and the Elbow and Bow River Valleys. An extension to Strathcona, called Springhaven, was developed in the late 1990’s. Development began in Aspen in 2001, which extends westward beyond Strathcona & Christie, enjoying occasional mountain views. All three neighbourhoods are close to Edworthy Park, Glendale Athletic Park, and the Westside Recreation Center. There are both public and Separate schools in the area.
The SCA Community Association is very active within the community. The SCA community centre houses the Child’s Garden Preschool and a variety of activities for children, adults and Seniors including martial arts, scouts, dance, bridge, art, fitness classes and more. Community recreation facilities such as the tennis courts, hockey rink, skating pond, and soccer fields are also popular.

Aspen Woods, Springbank Hill and Wentworth Community Newsletter

Your Aspen Spring is a free glossy covered community newsletter published monthly (12 times per year), and delivered to every household, apartment and business in Aspen Woods, Springbank Hill and Wentworth. Consisting of community news, event notifications, philanthropic initiatives, real estate statistics, and babysitter lists, Your Aspen Spring community newsletter has strong and consistent readership and advertising visibility.

  • Magazine Style Publications
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  • Circulation: 13,500 Households
  • 12 Publications per Year
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Aspen Woods Community Social Media Updates

Aspen Woods Community Elected Officials

Aspen Woods is represented in the Calgary City Council by Ward 6
Councillor Richard Pootmans
Ward 6 Office
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB, CanadaT2P 2M5
Phone: 403-268-2430
Fax: 403-268-3823
Aspen Woods is also a part of the West Provincial Electoral District.
MLA Mike Ellis

Unit 234, 333 Aspen Glen Landing SW
Calgary, AB Canada T3H 0N6
Phone: (403) 216-5439
Fax: (403) 216-5441

Social Media

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Aspen Woods Community Real Estate Statistics

Aspen Woods Active Listings

Aspen Woods Community Demographics

In 2006 the neighbourhood had a population of 898. Residents in this community had a median household income of $133,939 in 2000, and there were no low income residents living in the neighborhood. As of 2000, 11.5% of the residents were immigrants. 12.5% of the housing was uesd for renting. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Aspen Woods Community Babysitters

This Community Babysitter List is brought to you by Click on the Babysitter’s name to view profile & contact information.
Babysitter NameAgeRateCourse
Abigail20 years old15no
Abigail14 years old10yes
Aida17 years old10yes
Alana26 years old12-15yes
Alexander16 years old20 (I come to you)yes
Alexandra35 years old$12.00yes
Alexi17 years old10.00yes
Alexis22 years old14no
Alice17 years oldNegotiableyes
Alice17 years oldNegotiableyes
Alison25 years old$16+yes
Alison19 years old15yes
Allison16 years old12yes
Alora23 years old13-15no
Alyshia26 years old20yes
Amber31 years old15-18yes
Andrea25 years old20.00no
Andrea42 years old$14.00 -$16.00yes
Angelica21 years old13-17yes
Anna17 years old10yes
Anna15 years oldGoing rateyes
Anna18 years old17yes
ariel18 years old9no
Ariel18 years old10no
Asha14 years old7-9yes
Ashley21 years old15-20; varies with family needsyes
Ashley22 years old15no
Autumn19 years old$15/hourno
Autumn18 years old13yes
Bianca15 years old$14no
Blaise26 years old$15-$20yes
Bobbi23 years old13yes
Brianna14 years oldNegotiableyes
Brianne19 years old$10-$15yes
Brittney19 years old15yes
Brittney19 years old15yes
Brodie16 years old$10yes
Brooke15 years old$8yes
Brooke19 years old10yes
Brooklyn18 years old12no
Busola18 years old$12no
Caleigh13 years old$10 but negotiableyes
Camila29 years old$13no
Carly19 years old14yes
Carolina12 years old$7-$10yes
Catherine29 years old16yes
Cecilia20 years old$15yes
Chloe15 years old10$/h (min. 3 hrs)yes
Christie13 years old10yes
Christine33 years old25yes
Christoph26 years old$10.50yes
Cindy24 years old13no
Claire19 years old12no
Claudia23 years old15$no
Connie18 years old15no
Courtney17 years old$10yes
Courtney20 years old15yes
Danita23 years old12yes
Daria18 years old13-14yes
Deidra28 years old15-25yes
Deidra30 years old12-20yes
Desieee25 years old$15-$20yes
Desiree25 years oldPlease contact for rateyes
Eireland15 years old$7-10 an houryes
Elaura20 years old10yes
Elizabeth24 years old15.00yes
Elizabeth & Michelle21 years old12no
Emilie24 years old$10.00-$15.00 Flexibleyes
Emily14 years old$7-$10yes
Erika20 years old12.50yes
Erin28 years old12.50yes
Eugene20 years old15yes
Evan14 years old10no
Evelyn13 years old4yes
Genevieve27 years old16yes
Genevieve15 years old12yes
Gia17 years old$12-16yes
glenda37 years old15no
Hannah17 years old$10-15yes
Harvinder Kaur33 years old$12-$15yes
Hayley20 years old14yes
Heather31 years old20yes
Heather30 years old10yes
Heather30 years old10-15yes
Henry17 years old11 ~ 20yes
Ijeoma16 years old$12yes
Izzy16 years old12yes
Izzy17 years old15$ – negotiableyes
Izzy17 years old10-15yes
Jakarta20 years old15no
Jamie-lyn23 years old$15no
Jayde18 years old10yes
Jenny17 years old10-15yes
Jessica20 years old$12yes
Jonathan17 years old8.00yes
Jordan26 years old15no
josefa27 years old12yes
Julieanne16 years old10$yes
Kailey20 years old18yes
Kaitlin16 years old$12/houryes
Kaleigh15 years old6yes
Kashish16 years old10no
Kat17 years old$13.00yes
Kate14 years old12yes
Kayla23 years old16yes
Kelsea24 years old$13-15yes
Kelsey22 years old10-15yes
Kiki19 years old$15yes
Kourtney20 years old15-18yes
Kristyn20 years old13-15yes
Kylie28 years old$15-$20yes
Larissa15 years old10 (negotiable)yes
Laura17 years old12yes
Laura22 years old12-20 (will discuss for each situation)no
Li-Wei17 years old12-14no
Lilly17 years old11 or aboveyes
Lisa31 years old12.00no
Lucy22 years old$18-20yes
Mackenzie19 years old15yes
Maddy19 years old12yes
Maddy19 years old15yes
madison14 years old10$ per hour 3$ per extra kidyes
Makenzie19 years old10yes
Marchela18 years old10yes
Maria46 years old$20.00no
Maria23 years old20 ( Depending on how many kids)no
Mariah24 years old17-20no
Marina16 years old10yes
Marites41 years old15no
Mattea14 years old10yes
Matthew21 years old85yes
Maxine15 years old5yes
Meg13 years old10yes
Megan19 years old$14yes
Megan17 years old10yes
Megan17 years old12yes
Meghan21 years old15no
Melanie14 years old5yes
Melissa22 years oldNegotiableyes
Michelle24 years old15no
Michelle32 years old16yes
Michelle23 years old15-20yes
Michelle17 years old12no
Mikayla13 years old10no
Mila23 years old12.0no
Myrian19 years old15yes
Natalie23 years old12yes
Natasha27 years old15yes
Nia18 years old10$yes
Nikolay16 years oldNegotiableyes
No19 years old$10yes
Olivia18 years old$10yes
Olivia17 years old$15yes
Opey22 years old12 (negotiable)yes
Paige21 years old12-15$yes
Paige23 years old10yes
Pam28 years oldNegotiableyes
Patricia15 years old$10yes
Polina16 years old10yes
Priscilla28 years old14yes
Priya18 years old10/ hr but Negotiableno
Qin Rui19 years old12no
Rachel21 years old15yes
Rachel14 years old11yes
Rachel19 years old15yes
Rachel14 years old10yes
Rahell15 years old5yes
Rhae17 years old15no
Salma39 years old45 per dayyes
sam16 years old$10/per houryes
Samantha27 years old15yes
Sarah17 years old$5.00 an hour per childyes
Sarah17 years old$7.50/per childyes
Sarah17 years old$10 (negotiable)yes
Sarah18 years old11yes
Shani25 years old13yes
shawna30 years old12yes
Shumaila38 years old8no
Siobhan23 years old17-20no
Siobhon15 years old10no
Sofia16 years old10$/hr for one child 15$/hr for two childrenyes
Sophia15 years old12no
Sophia35 years old15yes
Sophie29 years old15yes
Sydney26 years old20yes
Tamara23 years old10/15$yes
Tara34 years old$15-$20yes
Teryl23 years old10no
Tessa24 years old15yes
Tianna17 years oldNegotiableyes
Tianna17 years old$10no
Tracy34 years old15yes
Vanessa25 years old$6-$10yes
Vaughn18 years old14$ hourlyyes
Victoria20 years old10-11no
Yasmin16 years old8no
Yena21 years old$15-$20yes
Yvette15 years old8$yes
Zandra23 years old14no

Aspen Woods Community Map – SouthWest Calgary

Aspen Woods Schools

Aspen Woods is home to the following schools.
Webber Academy(403) 277-47001515 93rd Street, SW
Calgary Academy(403) 686-64441677 93 Street SW

Aspen Woods Churches

The following churches are located in Aspen Woods.
First Lutheran Church(403) 242-45447102 14 Avenue SW
Strathcona Christian Fellowship(403) 240-10181411 69 Street SW

Aspen Woods Community Pictures

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