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Crestmont Community Background

Crestmont is perfectly positioned to make the most out of everything the great city of Calgary has to offer. Crestmont is located less than an hour drive from the serene, majesty of the Rocky Mountains – not a single traffic light separating our community from Banff. Even closer to home, residents can experience world-class skiing, hiking and golf in nearby Kananaskis Country. And of course, downtown Calgary is a mere 20 minutes away, via fast moving major arterials at our doorstep.
Crestmont is conveniently located near numerous other amenities: shopping centres, such as Crowfoot and Westhills Towne Centre, schools and recreation facilities abound. Post-secondary education at University of Calgary, Mount Royal College and SAIT are a short commute away, while organized family recreation opportunities at Canada Olympic Park, Westside Recreation Centre and the Crowfoot YMCA offer plenty of choice for busy families.


Crestmont Community Association

12400 Crestmont Blvd. S.W.
Calgary, AB
T2A 7R6

The Crestmont Community Association was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization on December 21st. 2009 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.The Association’s vision is to foster harmony and pride in our Calgary west entrance community. Our mission is to foster good relationships among the residents and be the organized collective voice for the Community. We will promote community activities that enrich the lives of our neighbors.
Crestmont Residents’ Hall offers a year-round opportunity to entertain in palatial surroundings, with grounds that feature a summer water fountain/spray park for children to enjoy, winter skating area, playground, parks and an integrated community pathway system. Most importantly, residents only have to set foot out their door to enjoy unspoiled foothills wilderness, in all its natural glory – since 30% of the Community has been dedicated by Qualico Communities to the protection of lush natural aspen forest, creek bed, and home to a vast array of wildlife.

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Crestmont Community Elected Officials

Crestmont is represented in the Calgary City Council by Ward 2
Councillor Joe Magliocca
Ward 2 Office
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB, CanadaT2P 2M5
Phone: 403-268-2430
Fax: 403-268-3823

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Great talking with students at @BearspawCSchool about paving the road in front of their school #yyc #yyccc

Crestmont is also a part of the Calgary-Bow Provincial Electoral District.
MLA Deborah Drever

6307 Bowness Rd NW
Calgary, AB Canada T3B 0E4
Phone: (403) 216-5400
Fax: (403) 216-5402

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Here's where Deborah Drever, best known for glorifying rape on an album cover, politicizes domestic violence. #sickening #ABLeg…

Crestmont Community Real Estate Statistics

Crestmont Active Listings

Crestmont Community Demographics

In the City of Calgary’s 2012 municipal census, Crestmont had a population of 1,454 living in 462 dwellings, a 1.7% increase from its 2011 population of 1,430. With a land area of 0.6 km2 (0.23 sq mi), it had a population density of 2,420/km2 (6,300/sq mi) in 2012. For more detailed info visit the City of Calgary community profiles site.

Crestmont Community Babysitters

This Community Babysitter List is brought to you by Click on the Babysitter’s name to view profile & contact information.
Babysitter Name Age Rate Course
Abigail 20 years old 15 no
Alana 26 years old 12-15 yes
Alexander 16 years old 20 (I come to you) yes
Alexandra 34 years old $12.00 yes
Alison 19 years old 15 yes
Allison 15 years old 12 yes
Alyshia 25 years old 20 yes
Amber 31 years old 15-18 yes
Angelica 21 years old 13-17 yes
ariel 18 years old 9 no
Ariel 18 years old 10 no
Asha 14 years old 7-9 yes
Ashley 21 years old 15 no
Autumn 19 years old $15/hour no
Autumn 18 years old 13 yes
Blaise 26 years old $15-$20 yes
Bobbi 23 years old 13 yes
Brittney 19 years old 15 yes
Brittney 19 years old 15 yes
Caleigh 13 years old $10 yes
Camila 29 years old $13 no
Carly 19 years old 14 yes
Catherine 28 years old 16 yes
Chloe 14 years old 10$/h (min. 3 hrs) yes
Christine 33 years old 25 yes
Christoph 25 years old $10.50 yes
Cindy 24 years old 13 no
Claire 19 years old 12 no
Claudia 22 years old 15$ no
Connie 18 years old 15 no
Danita 22 years old 12 yes
Daria 18 years old 13-14 yes
Deidra 28 years old 15-25 yes
Deidra 30 years old 12-20 yes
Desiree 24 years old Please contact for rate yes
Elaura 19 years old 10 yes
Elizabeth 24 years old 15.00 yes
Ella 18 years old $13/negotiable no
Emilie 24 years old $10.00-$15.00 Flexible yes
emma 34 years old 18 no
Erika 19 years old 12.50 yes
Erin 28 years old 12.50 yes
Eugene 19 years old 15 yes
Evelyn 13 years old 4 yes
Genevieve 27 years old 16 yes
Genevieve 15 years old 12 yes
Harvinder Kaur 32 years old $12-$15 yes
Heather 30 years old 20 yes
Heather 30 years old 10 yes
Heather 30 years old 10-15 yes
Henry 16 years old 11 ~ 20 yes
Huntter 12 years old 13 yes
Jakarta 20 years old 15 no
Jamie-lyn 23 years old $15 no
Jenna 15 years old Negotiable yes
Jessica 20 years old $12 yes
josefa 26 years old 12 yes
Kaleigh 15 years old 6 yes
Katie 19 years old 10 no
Kiki 19 years old $13 – one child , $15 – two or more children yes
Kourtney 19 years old 15-18 yes
Kristyn 20 years old 13-15 yes
Kylie 27 years old $15-$20 yes
Laura 21 years old 12-20 (will discuss for each situation) no
Lilly 16 years old 11 or above yes
Lisa 30 years old 12.00 no
Mackenzie 15 years old 10-15 yes
Maddy 19 years old 12 yes
Maddy 19 years old 15 yes
Makenzie 19 years old 10 yes
Maria 46 years old $20.00 no
Marina 15 years old 10 yes
Maxine 15 years old 5 yes
Megan 17 years old 12 yes
Michelle 32 years old 16 yes
Michelle 24 years old 15 no
Mila 23 years old 12.0 no
Modern Babies Playhouse 33 years old 13 yes
Myrian 18 years old 15 yes
Natalie 23 years old 12 yes
Nathalie 32 years old 20 no
Nia 18 years old 10$ yes
Nola 31 years old 14.00 yes
Olivia 17 years old $15 yes
Opey 21 years old 12 (negotiable) yes
Paige 20 years old 12-15$ yes
Paige 23 years old 10 yes
Pam 28 years old Negotiable yes
Polina 16 years old 10 yes
Priscilla 28 years old 14 yes
Rachel 19 years old 15 yes
Salma 39 years old 45 per day yes
sam 16 years old $10/per hour yes
Samantha 26 years old 15 yes
Shani 24 years old 13 yes
shawna 30 years old 12 yes
Siobhan 23 years old 17-20 no
Sofia 16 years old 10$/hr for one child 15$/hr for two children yes
Sydney 26 years old 20 yes
Tamara 23 years old 10/15$ yes
Tania 26 years old 20 yes
Tara 34 years old $15-$20 yes
Tenzin 19 years old 11-19 no
Teryl 23 years old 10 no
Tianna 17 years old Negotiable yes
Tianna 17 years old $10 no
Vanessa 25 years old $6-$10 yes
Vaughn 18 years old 14$ hourly yes
Victoria 20 years old 10-11 no
Yena 21 years old $15-$20 yes

Crestmont Community Map – Southwest Calgary

Crestmont Community Pictures

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