Dental Clinic Advertising in Community Newsletters Works!

Dental Clinic Advertising in Community Newsletters Works!

Calgary dentists know the importance of targeted advertising in order to build and sustain their client base within their local community. When it comes to great dental advertising ideas, the community newsletters published by Great News Publishing Ltd. are the perfect choice for local dentists.

Why Advertise in a Community Newsletter?

The 87 Community Newsletters Published and Delivered Monthly to 391,000 Households Across 148 Calgary and Area Communities by Great News Publishing Ltd. are the perfect advertising vehicle for consistent, targeted local advertising. Newsletter advertising is especially effective for local businesses that rely more on neighboring clients rather than long distance customers, and who wish to speak directly to their ideal clientele while weeding out unwanted, time-consuming inquiries from others.

Beat the Competition with Frequent Branding

When it comes to regular dental check-ups and dental procedures, the majority of people tend to go with who they know and trust. Clear and consistent dental advertising campaigns that appeal to their human nature and provide a familiar logo, face, or brand over and over again is a great way to earn that trust over time. With advertising rates as low as $0.01 cent per household, advertising in Great News Publishing newsletters is incredibly affordable making it easier to stay in front of potential clients week after week on a consistent basis.

Educate Potential Clients with Weekly Hot Tips

One great way to earn the trust of a potential new client is to provide weekly “hot tips” about the importance of regular dental check-ups or perhaps even reassurance about the less known disquieting dental procedures. One month, a newsletter ad could focus on the importance of getting regular cleanings and fluoride treatments. The next month, the ad could discuss how to properly floss one’s teeth. The convenience of monthly advertising can also be used to offer time-sensitive incentives that create a sense of urgency for potential clients to act now.

Greater Exposure for a Longer Shelf Life

Where else can people find a full-page, full-color display ad in a Calgary newspaper with a 31-day shelf life? Calgary residents not only read Great News community newsletters to stay informed about relevant local news, events, and philanthropic initiatives; but they keep these publications around for a full month to refer back to time and again—which provides additional exposure for home and auto insurance advertisers.

Since 1989, Calgarians have trusted Great News Publishing Ltd. as a reliable source for timely and targeted community news. To advertise call 403-720-0762 to discuss your advertising needs, choose your display ad size and options, and select which newsletter(s) to advertise in; then, send your photos, and/or logos that you would like profiled in your ad. It’s that simple. Call today to make sure you’re in the next issue!

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